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Alex playing Wii Golf

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"I don’t even like kids. Pediatric surgery has nothing to do with liking kids. I mean, you go into peds because it’s elite,You know, hard-core, the best of the best. Did you know that there are Only 38 pediatric surgery fellowship spots in the country? The country. I mean, to compare, cardiothoracic has 120. Pediatric surgery is the elite of the elite. So yeah, I’d consider specializing in pediatric surgery, for sure. But not because of the kids, definitely not because of the kids."

yeah keep telling yourself that you absolutely precious human being

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Anonymous: I cant believe you would have a blog about Alex Karev! He is the WORST, such an ass, always grumpy. How can you like him when there's JACKSON??? I mean, look at him, so handsome, and his EYES. And then you like Jolex? The only great couple on the show is ♥JAPRIL♥ and you should know that!!!



I think, maybe you should go back on Facebook where shallow people like you belong. Or not lie about your age on the internet since you come across as 12 or something.

PS: You coming to my blog and insulting my favourite character and ship is certainly not gonna make me love yours.

i’m offended the anon brought jackson/japril into that. this is an official apology from our ship. i’m going to make that anon walk the plank

This Alex blog is reblogging this in protest.

This is an Alex blog, yes. But I CAN love Alex when there’s Jackson. Because I love Jackson too. I can ship Jolex when there’s Japril. Because I ship Japril too.

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Maybe we have to get a little messed up, before we can step up.

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Alex & Jo ❤️

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When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.

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